Community Justice Programs

Youth Justice Program

Referrals for this program come from the courts (extrajudicial sanctions), the police (extrajudicial measures) and the community on a case by case basis. Participants are typically first time, non-violent offenders who must be willing to take accountability for their actions. If the program is successfully completed the youth will not have a criminal conviction. This program is for youth 12-17 years of age.

Restorative Justice Circles

This program seeks to repair the harm done by first time, non-violent youth offenders who must be willing to take accountability for their actions. The program operates on fundamental principles of restorative justice by involving the active participation of the community, the offender and the victim(s).

Youth Mediation

Youth mediation is a specialized counselling service designed to improve communication in families experiencing conflict. This program is offered on a fee-for-service basis with a sliding scale. Community organizations, schools and health and social service professionals can refer families to the program. Parents and youth can also self-refer to the program by calling 705.725.0613 ex.242.

Direct Accountability

Direct Accountability Program is for individuals over the age of 18. This program is an alternative to prosecution for those who have been charged with minor criminal offences who are willing to take responsibility for their actions.  Referrals to this program are received only from Crown attorneys.  If the program is successfully completed the charges are withdrawn.  The Direct Accountability program is offered in all courthouses throughout Simcoe County, except Bradford.